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Horizontal accumulator

  • Horizontal accumulator with motorised moveable pulley assembly
  • The tensile force only depends on the pre-tension of the pneumatically loaded fixed pulleys
  • Design with profiled steel beams, fixed pulley assembly and ball bearing mounted moveable pulley assembly
  • Fixed pulley support as pneumatically loaded dancer
  • Beam supported by square section tube columns on the floor
  • Tensioning of the moveable pulleys by means of an AC motor
  • Tension preset by means of a pressure regulator valve (at extra cost available with electropneumatic pressure regulator valve)
  • End-position monitoring by initiators
  • Tension preset by means of a potentiometer
  • With potentiometer control for the speed regulation of the winder
  • Also available in a vertical design with 2 lower fixed pulley assemblies and motorised moveable pulleys
Type Pulley diameter in mm Max. capacity in m Tensile force in N
HMTH 02 200 200 10-50
HMTH 05 500 300 20-200
HMTH 08 800 300 50-500