Machines for the cable industry


The history of Maschinenfabrik Johann Leimbach GmbH spans more than 100 years and is characterised by high-quality products and flexible services. We develop products that are used all over the world as well as efficient solutions for complex customer requirements.

We value our employees and create a pleasant working environment. Appreciating and rewarding good performance is one of our company principles.

We are constantly searching for new ways to improve our products and services, in order to achieve even better results for our customers, partners, employees and the environment.


As a manufacturer of special machines for the cable industry, we do not only produce top-quality pintle type winders, portal type winders, capstans and accumulators, but also state-of-the-art dual take-ups in many sizes which are used all over the world.

In addition to our mechanical and electrotechnical construction departments and commissioning service, the high manufacturing depth gradually became one of our most important success criteria. Consequently, the entire production process, from the planning to the finished product, can be controlled by our employees. That is why we are able to respond rapidly to specific wishes from customers.

Solid workmanship is of the utmost importance in all our production processes - durable and reliable state-of-the-art machines are based on it. High processing precision and continuous quality control guarantee fast and smooth-running winding processes.

At our site, we do not only build the machines‘ electrical installation, but also the corresponding control cabinets. These are wired in a revision-proof manner, in compliance with the applicable country-specific standards. All our machines are commissioned by our staff before delivery. Ideally, our customers opt to provide us with the relevant reels and materials to be wound, so that the preliminary commissioning can be carried out under actual production conditions. By executing a successful preliminary commissioning we can guarantee a smooth installation at the customer’s site.

As an additional service to our customers, we offer the assembly, installation and commissioning of ordered lines all over the world.