Machines for the cable industry


The history of Maschinenfabrik Johann Leimbach GmbH spans more than 100 years and is characterised by high-quality products and flexible services. We develop products that are used all over the world as well as efficient solutions for complex customer requirements.

We value our employees and create a pleasant working environment. Appreciating and rewarding good performance is one of our company principles.

We are constantly searching for new ways to improve our products and services, in order to achieve even better results for our customers, partners, employees and the environment.

Company history

Foundation of Leimbach KG by Johann Leimbach

Elberfeld was a fast-growing textile industry location
The primary specialisation was strands and laces, as evidenced by the logo

  • 1945First production of systems for the cable industry
  • 1950Start of the dual winder production
  • 1972Grandson Wolfgang Waldmin takes over the management
  • Since 1970strong geographical expansion with a focus on Latin America and especially Mexico
  • 1995Son-in-law Olaf Römer was appointed as general manager; further international expansion started
  • 2003Conversion to a public limited company
  • 2016Dominique Waldmin-Römer became the new company owner
  • 2016Following Olaf Römer’s death, his son Yannick Römer took over the management
  • 2017The management was extended with Matthias Müller as general manager